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If want a website and don't know where to start. Let me help you.......
Please contact me by email, if there are things you don't understand, or you think I have missed out something important.

To get a functioning website on the internet, you will need the following;
1. Register an internet domain - thats the or the .com address
2. Set up a webserver account
3. Design the website and load it onto the webserver

These three things, do not have to be done by the company. In fact, I strongly recommend that you register the domain yourself, as it gives you more freedom if you have problems with your webdesigner or webhosting company.

Register Your Domain

Registering a domain is very easy, all you need is internet access and a credit/debit card. As a very rough guide a domain costs £6 for 2 years registration, and a .com costs £10 a year. The only problem is usually finding a domain name that hasn't been already registered by somebody else. I use and recommend

Set Up A Webserver Account

There are an endless source of webhosting companies offering a huge variety of packages. Choosing one can be a difficult decision. Assuming you want just an ordinary website, you normally have the choice between a Windows or Linux based server. I would recommend Linux every time, and wouldn't touch a Windows powered webserver myself. The Linux powered ones are very easy to configure, lookout for ones with the 'cPanel' control panel - this is a breeze to use, even for a relative novice. You use the control panel to set up your email, look at statistics and set up a database. A good reliable webserver account shouldn't cost more than £50 a year. It's always best to get a personal recommendation. I offer webhosting packages, but it is limited to people who use my own web design services.

Design Your Website

There is nothing to stop you using one of the webdesign software packages, and then loading your design using FTP onto the server. However there are lots of little 'gotchas'. The first is that your webpage design will not necessarily look the same once it's the server as it did on your computer. It will look different to other people depending, on which web browser they use, and what screen resolution they have configured. Other common problems include using a fancy font, that just appears as plain Arial on everyone elses computer, slow loading webpages due to the excessive use of graphics, or the non-optimisation of individual graphic files.

Webdesign Standards

There are web design standards, that it worth checking your webpage design against
W3C Markup Validation Service
W3C CSS Validation Service
W3C Link Checking Service
Bobby - Disabled Accessibility