Cynara Website Design


Kev Maggs

Email is my preferred method of communication. It allows work to proceed in a smooth manner. It also means that both parties in the design process have clear records of any agreements.

A telephone number can be provided on request.


My general rate for webpage or other IT related work is £100/day. I can provide a fixed price for a job, if you are absolutely sure what you require. It always helps if you pick out some websites that you like the style/layout of, and provide a list of all the webpages that will go on the site.

A webshop, similar to will cost upwards of a £1000. once again it depends on exactly what you require

It costs nothing to enquire!!


I am based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, but regularly travel to the Worcester/Evesham area. I am often at horticultural events, so could meet you at one of these. To keep prices low, I don't generally travel long distances to see clients. It makes sense when you think about, who is paying for my time and diesel!