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This is the website of Kev Maggs, a self employed website designer, who has an interest and experience of webdesign for the horticultural trade.
This site provides an introduction to the services I can supply, but also I hope, gives you the basic knowledge to make an informed decision, when setting up your own website.
Please enquire if you require other IT related support.
I am a fully qualified teacher, so would be interested in any short-term or temporary employment in the IT training field.

Looking For A New Website?

If you're not sure where to start on your website, have a read of my handy guide.

Latest Project For Chris Pattison (Nurseryman)

This is work in progress, there are still one or two bugs to sort out. Have a look at;
The content has come from his old website, but the style and layout have been modernised. Chris wanted a simple design, although the colour scheme may be changed later on. The aim is to have the price and availibility lists driven by databases, which will be supplied as a csv file.

Setting Up A Webshop Using osCommerce - Wed 8th November 2006

I will be giving a talk on setting up a webshop using osCommerce, a free open source project. This will be a step-by-step guide, aimed at non-technical people.
Although the talk is to the Leicester Linux Group, I intend to use Windows on my demostration PC. The webshop will be installed on a webhosting account on the internet - the webserver is a fairly standard type used by web hosting companies - powered by Linux with the Apache webserver, and running PHP, MySQL and cPanel. This sort of webhosting package can be bought for less than £50/year, with almost everything you'll ever need.
The talk is open to anyone, it is free to attend. We are a relaxed group, and won't ask for donations and nor will we try to get you to join the group.
Please turn up at 7:30 - Room 527 Ken Edwards Building, University Of Leicester
Map of Univerity campus - Enter the university at Entrance 2, then take a right into the carpark at the T-junction.